World's First Productivity Boosting Smart Earbuds 

Upgrade your brain and enter the 'Flow State' at will using EEG Neurofeedback Technology


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Powerful EEG Technology

Help your brain focus using a technology previously only accessible to F500 CEOs and NASA astronauts 


Enjoy a wireless experience with a connection 3x the range & 10x the data transfer for unparalleled sound detail & accuracy

Noise Isolation

Our proprietary noise-cancelling sound seal technology blocks out the outside world, allowing you to enjoy music & enter into deep concentration 

Superior HD Sound

Designed by audio's award winning engineers, experience premium sound with extraordinary highs and deep, rich lows

Unlock Your Potential and Get More Done

You know what you need to do to become successful but you just can’t seem to get started, you are always procrastinating or being distracted - does the following sound like you?  

  • You write out a weekly plan but you always seem to be falling behind on your schedule, whether that is for studying, submitting deadlines or doing a self-improvement course
  • You sit down and tell yourself you won't leave the seat until you finish the task at hand, but 2 minutes later you are already on your phone scrolling through Facebook or watching videos on Youtube
  • You are always busy but you never seem to get any 'real work' done, you don't feel like you are making progress while your colleagues and friends are speeding ahead  

Potential X Earbuds is a non-invasive solution to help you focus


According to Pareto's Principle, 20% of our actions lead to 80% of the results. Its about maximizing your results from the limited time you have - it's no surprise that focus is the key to success, more than effort, experience or even natural talent.  

The Potential X Earbuds help you reach peak productivity & enter the Flow State consistently and effortlessly - a state where your brain is so hyper focused and immersed on a single task that hours go by without you noticing?  

This is not the pomodoro technique, it is not drinking a special type of coffee or going on 5am jogs. It's not creating a to-do list, mediatating or even turning your phone on silent. This is something much more. 


Experience Deep Work

We spend an average of 23 minutes to focus, yet we are interrupted every 11 minutes.  

Over the course of our careers - 20,000 hours are wasted on being distracted in the workplace.  

With Potential X, you can now optimize your life by identifying your personal peak times and environment. 


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How it Works?

The Potential X earbuds tracks our brain activity in real-time with tiny EEG biosensors and alerts us whenever our focus drops. Gently guiding our brains back into peak focus through auditory feedback. 

This form of Neurofeedback has been repeatedly proven to enhance performance (Gruzeier, 2016) and is as powerful as Ritalin (Fuchs, 2016). 

It has previously only been accessible to F500 CEOs, NASA astronauts and peak performance gurus - who spends up to $15,000 a week on the same technology that is now available to you.

How Does Neurofeedback Work?

This form of operant conditioning allow the benefits to last even when we take Potential X off, leaving behind a more focused brain better at tuning out distractions.  

Upgrade Your Mind Permanently 


Experience hyper-focused, deep work sessions with Potential X Today!

Sign ups will become available once units become available again!